Developing open and decentralized networks starts with you.

The Interchain Foundation provides grants, service agreements, full-time employment and investments.

We help support projects like the Cosmos Network, Tendermint, and 50+ others pursuing sovereignty, security, and sustainability in open, decentralized networks. To learn more about funding details, read our guidelines and see the full list of funded projects on our Github repository.

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Advancing basic and applied research in cryptography, distributed systems, formal verification, and mechanism design.

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Engineering & Product

Engineering turns research into software; product turns software into user-experiences. We are primarily interested in general purpose technologies that expand the environment, capabilities, and security of the Cosmos ecosystem.

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Social Good & Community

We support communities to bring awareness to open-source, decentralized technologies. Sovereignty, security, and sustainability also means addressing fundamental social issues like human rights, education, food security, accessibility, open government, and environmental regeneration.

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